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CityLife Investment Perspective

CityLife Property Development & Management believes the number, size and scope of the opportunities present in the urban real estate markets of New York, Philadelphia and along the urban centers of the east coast demand a more aggressive approach.

Our investment approach is tailored to the small and mid size investment properties that already dominate the urban landscape along the east coast.  At its core is neighborhood transformation and a belief that the fundamentals are in place to extend and enhance the urban revitalization that has swept through parts of every major city in the country.

Large shortages of affordable housing and gaps in the availability of local services in many urban communities that have seen new housing development suggest ongoing opportunities for investors who can deliver a well placed product.  Concurrently, many revitalized communities are growing and the opportunity to extend the boundaries of newly fashionable urban neighborhoods suggests numerous opportunities for small highly focused developers.

This fund will pursue opportunities in two major markets, New York and Philadelphia, across three major types of real estate assets while pursuing projects with different risk profiles.


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