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Portfolio Management Services

City Life Property Development & Management offers consulting services as a client’s real estate portfolio manager.  When engaged as a client’s   real estate portfolio manager CityLife’s initial focus is on developing a real estate portfolio strategy that would, in the most financial return maximizing manner, leverage a client’s equity (cash investment) to generate significant returns on cash invested.

To start this partnership, CityLife and a client would form a limited liability company (LLC).  The ongoing purpose of the LLC would be to engage in real estate investment activities such as the acquisition, development, and sale of real estate.  The sole responsibility of the client would be to supply seed money for real estate investment projects and, when necessary, sign for debt that CityLife has secured to finance projects.  CityLife’s responsibility is to provide the managerial labor and technical expertise necessary to develop and execute a business strategy that would maximize the portfolio’s financial returns.

To provide these services, CityLife charges an annual fee (to be determined) based on some percent of the value and cash flow CityLife has created for the client. Therefore, the client pays no out of pocket fees for CityLife’s services.

CityLife Property Development and Management will hire other CityLife affiliates and associates to provide necessary services for the operation of the real estate investment LLC and also service its assets at additional cost classified as an operating cost of either the asset or the LLC.   These ancillary services include real estate law, property management and book keeping services.