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Friends & Associates

Ayòká Quinones Nonprofit Management Consulting

Our mission is to provide value-based service to support nonprofit organizations build and grow by utilizing progressive models and practices. To realize its mission it assists organizations to structure and organize their vision by providing support in strengthening their organizational capacity.  The goal is for organizations to experience realizable transformations within their structure, finances, programs and the people whom they support.


Karen E. Quinones Miller

She is an award winning author, and sister of of managing partner Joseph Quinones. She has three novels to her credit: Satin Doll (2001), I'm Telling (2002), and Using What You Got (2003). Please visit her website and find out more about the author and her works!


The Coalition

This is a vehicle for the political expression and participation of the African-American community through leadership from the professional sector and community activists. The Coalition evaluates politicians on the extent they support an urban agenda and then utilizes its superior skills in strategy, planning, and political campaign execution to get Coalition endorsed candidates into Office.