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Ficus Elastica Tineke vs. Ruby – What’s the Difference

You might be confused as they both look the same! Here’s the Ficus Elastica Tineke vs. Ruby differences to sort your chaos among the two!

Stunning varieties of the rubber tree often creates a lot of confusion among the growers. To make it a little easy for you, here are all the differences between Ficus Elastica Tineke vs. Ruby!

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What is Ficus Elastica Tineke?

Ficus Elastica Tineke vs. Ruby

Ficus Elastica Tineke is a variegated rubber tree variety having dark and light green patchy leaves with creamy edges and pink stems. This beautiful cultivar looks great in small containers. The plant can grow up to 4-6 feet tall indoors.

What is Ficus Elastica Red Ruby?


This lovely rubber plant variety offers large dark green leaves heavily variegated with red, purple, and white hues. The new growth develops in a beautiful shade of pink-red. Indoors, the plant can attain a height of 2-4 feet.

Ficus Elastica Tineke vs. Ruby

Both of these rubber plant cultivars are low-maintenance houseplants with a beautiful, tropical look. They are often confused with each other and mislabeled by nursery centers or sellers due to close similarities. If you are confused about which variety to purchase, check the following difference between the two variants.

Leaf Color

  • The primary difference between the two is the color of the leaves. ‘Tineke’ features beautiful variegated foliage in green and off-white with pink veins. The new growth shows a pink tint that lightens over time.
  • The leaves of ruby have variegated cream, green, and brilliant red or pink hue. The main attraction of Ficus Elastica Ruby is new growth which is quite intense in color.
  • Both of them have a pink hue in the new growth, and this creates confusion. Keep in mind that Ficus Elastica Ruby has bright pink or red sheaths, and the new growth of many Ficus Elastica varieties have pink tones.
  • Both of these cultivars lose variegation and color if grown under poor light conditions.


The sheath is the part that covers the new foliage. In both varieties, the sheath develops straight from the main stem or secondary branches.

  • The sheath of ‘Tineke’ is green often has a light pink blush.
  • ‘Ruby’ has deeper, more vivid shades of red or pink hence the name.


Both ‘Tineke’ and ‘Ruby’ are quite popular and widely available.

  • ‘Tineke’ is quite common and has been around a bit longer.
  • ‘Ruby’ is a new variety that can be harder to find and can be a bit expensive.

Growing Needs Similarities Between Tineke and Ruby

  • Use a well-draining potting mix – keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Both of these varieties require bright, indirect light every day.
  • ‘Tineke’ and ‘Ruby’ enjoy temperature ranges between 60-80 F (15-27 C).
  • Repot the plants every alternate year.

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