The Enterprise Center. 4548 Market Street, L5 Philadelphia PA 19139
240 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Philadelphia: (215) 895-4002 *  New York: (917) 922-7785


Examples of Projects Being Pursued

Income Producing, (Residential)

20 single family homes, located in a working class area of Philadelphia are available at an average price of  $53,000 each. All properties are fully rented, with tenants responsible for all utilities, and may need only minor repair. Current income and expenses will generate a cash on cash return of over 25% per year during the holding period and each property can be sold individually for an estimated $63,000 each.


Income Producing/
Value Added Upgrade,
A six family apartment building located in a solid area of Brooklyn, NY near a large hospital has been mismanaged by the current owners and is available at foreclosure pricing.  The property is available for $450,000 and requires $25,000 in upgrades and $25,000 in carrying costs while the property is stabilized.  The building is worth $550,000 today and once stabilized could fetch $600,000.


(Mixed Use)

A vacant three story, mixed use shell is available on a corner lot on a secondary commercial strip in Far Rockaway, NY.  The building is available for $800,000 and requires $400,000 in renovations.  When complete the building is worth 1.8M.



Two large vacant lots, located on the edge of a “hot” section Philly are available. Homes in the area are selling for roughly $400,000.  Both lots together could accommodate over 20 two family townhouses.  The total average cost to both acquire each lot and build a house is roughly $300,000


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Examples of Projects being Pursued